The TOP-HAT System

The TOP-HAT system is a technique used to rehabilitate house junctions to the sewer main with or with out mains relining. It can also be used for selective or point repairs in the sewer main with UV GRP patches up to 500mm long.

The rehabilitation uses a remote-controlled rehabilitation robot, which drives into the sewer system from an existing manhole. The packer fitted with the pre impregnated material is positioned into place robotically and guided accurately into place via two CCTV cameras mounted to the system, one camera monitors the main and the second camera monitors the branch making this system by far the lowest risk system for failure of inflation or blockage of the branch.

The TOP-HAT-system is the fastest and safest rehabilitation method world. A damaged spot or house junction can be repaired from the inside in 12 to 15 minutes. The process can be completed in most live flows so plugging and bypass is not usually needed.

  • Size Range 150mm to 600mm
  • Junction length up to 300mm
  • Certified Adhesion 50 Years
  • Material Corrosion resistant ECR – Glass
  • Thickness 4mm
  • Resin Polyester UP / Vinylester Resin VE
  • Adhesive ‘’EPOXY F 03567F’’ Thixotropic Epoxy wet / dry surface
  • Maximum Length 500mm
  • Junction Type “T” and “Y”
Top Hat

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