Non-Destructive Digging

Known for providing a range of trenchless solutions, our non-destructive digging allows M. Tucker & Sons’ customers to find efficient and effective solutions to their drainage problems.

By using hydro excavation and vacuum technology to dig down to reach pipe systems, or to remove wastewater and debris, we offer our customers a safe, efficient, and affordable alternative to mechanical drilling. 

When you choose to work with M. Tucker & Sons, you are working with an experienced, multi-generational family team, who will carry out expert inspections, assessments, and work on every job. 

Safe and Effective NDD for Melbourne

Whether we are working for local businesses in the water or construction industries, or carrying out a largescale council project, the team from M. Tucker & Sons will carry out all non-destructive digging (NDD) in line with best practices. We also follow up our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility by offering responsible collection and disposal of all NDD waste.

With the development of our own EPA licensed waste disposal facility, we have gained the capacity to receive, separate, and recycle all NDD generated wastewater and debris. This helps us to achieve our aims to provide complete solutions for our valued clients, and to be the go-to company for responsible and reliable hydro excavation solutions.

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Talk to Our Team About Hydro Excavation in Melbourne

If you are searching for a safe and efficient excavation method, then why not call our team to discuss the benefits of hydro excavation. Melbourne councils, contractors, and local water corporations can request an obligation free quote for our industry leading solutions in excavation, pipeline rehabilitation, drain cleaning, and waste management solutions.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a hydro excavation solution, the team from M. Tucker & Sons will be happy to discuss your situation, and our recommendations. We carry out detailed assessments before commencing work, and are happy to provide the inspections and reports that you need following any excavation or repair work.

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