German-engineered and compression-based, QUICKLOCK is used as an effective repair system sewer and stormwater pipelines.

Since being rolled out in 1999, QUICKSTOP has been installed over 50,000 times in Europe, meaning M. Tucker & Sons customers can be certain they are investing in a high-quality and dependable product with a proven track record.

QUICKLOCK systems are designed to be installed quickly and without any hassle and minimal preparation needed. These tough and durable systems deliver a permanent lock with minimal risks, leaving customers with lasting peace of mind.

M. Tucker & Sons is proud to be the main installation partner of QUICKLOCK systems across Australia and New Zealand. Specialised training and certifications are required to properly use and install these systems, and our staff have added these stills to their long list of existing and industry leading qualifications.

For an obligation free quote, or to learn more about the benefits of QUICKLOCK pipe repair systems, make sure you get in touch with the proven and professional team here at M. Tucker & Sons. Call 03 9736 3439 today.

Scroll down to learn more about the specific types of QUICKLOCK systems.

Quicklock Standard

The most common of the QUICKLOCK systems, these devices are developed using V4A stainless steel sleeves and seamless EDPM rubber gaskets with a self-locking feature. QUICKLOCK Standard systems are used to fix common defects in pipes, and are compatible with sizes from 150 DN to 800 DN.

Quicklock Big

This QUICKLOCK product was developed as a divisible sleeve for the effective rehabilitation of walkable pipe systems. Also made from V4A and EDPM, the QUICKLOCK Big sleeve is inserted easily into the pipe via the access opening. The QUICKLOCK Big clamping tool can then be used to expand the sleeve where needed.

End Liner Sleeve

This newly developed QUICKLOCK system is used to connect hose liners to pipes and structures. It permanently seals the space between the liner and the old pipe, with the liner end designed to withstand the potentially damaging effects of high-pressure cleaning.

Some of the features of this system include:

  • Tough and durable materials
  • Meets the standards outlined by building legislation
  • IKT tested on pipes sized DN 150- DN 600, and shown to be high pressure rinsing resistant and leak-tight
  • Compensation of shrinkage behaviour of GR inliners
  • Simple and effective offset procedure
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