Consultation & Advisory Service

M. Tucker & Sons has become well known for being able to offer a wide range of services in relation to drainage issue solutions, rectification work and repairs.

Consultation Or Advisory Services In Conjunction With:

  • Housing Development Projects
  • Private Drainage Blockages or Disputes
  • Water Board or Utility Related Drainage Issues
  • Rectification of Development Installations (to be brought to particular standards or requirements)
  • M. Tucker & Sons can put a plan in place and facilitate or project manage works as required
Consultation & Advisory Service 02

Within our consultation suite MTS has a team to batch process large amounts CCTV condition assessment data to produce a pipeline rehabilitation plan aimed at municipalities budget planning strategies. Priced per lineal meter it is an effective tool for drainage engineers collate large amounts of CCTV ready for rehabilitation budget allocation and contractor quotation preparation.

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