Amex-10 Mono Seal

The AMEX®-10 MONO seal is made of an elastic rubber seal and high-strength stainless steel tension bands in the respective steel quality (1.4404/1.4571 for sewage, 1.4307 for potable water, 1.4462 for sea water).

The sealing function is manually realised by application of radial tension forces via the tension belts.

Pressure Range

Generally, the AMEX®-10 MONO seal is designed for an operating inner pressure of 25 bar and an outer pressure of 8 bar. In case of groundwater (infiltration) or vacuum, the use of additional structural tension bands can permit safe use of the AMEX®-10 MONO seal.

Application Area

The AMEX®-10 MONO seal can be used for DN of 600 up to 6000 to seal pipe connections and leaks for pipe material of steel, cast iron, steel-concrete, in-situ concrete, PVC, AZ, GRP, clay, PP and PE.

Pipe Profile

  • Circular profile
  • Mouth profile
  • Ellipse profile


  • Standard seal width: 260 mm
  • Average width: 366 mm
  • Extrabreite: 500 mm
  • Average width: 366 mm
  • Variable width: 260 to 1.200 mm
  • Width of the bilateral sealing profiles: 70 mm each
  • The height of the sealing lip is 12 mm
  • On demand, the seal can be re-enforced with textile yarns

Temperature & Media

  • Temperature resistance -30°C to +230°C
  • Rubber seal made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) for the application in potable  water, raw water, sewage and industrial pipes
  • Rubber seal made of NBR (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) for the application in carbonhydrate environment
  • Rubber seal made of FKM (Fluororubber) for high temperature resistance

Approvals & Testing

  • Approval for potable water  KTW, DVGW W 270, NSF, ACS, DWI, WRAS
  • German Approval Institute for Construction DIBt for AMEX®-10 MONO Seal: Z-42.3-474
  • Proven resistance against hydro pressure jetting and internal operating pressure DIN 19523
  • Seal tightness tests for deflected and bended joints
  • Comprehensive suitability testing for all raw materials ISO 3384, ISO 188, DIN EN 681
  • Compression stress relaxation as per BS 903
  • 1000 h pressure test AMEX-10 MONO Seal
Amex 10 Mono

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