Smart Lock Pipe Repair

Pipe repair jobs require a great deal of skill and experience to complete correctly. That is why customers want to be sure they are working with an expert team who utilise the very best and most reliable tools of the trade. That is why they look to M. Tucker & Sons and our Smart Lock pipe repair services.

Smart Lock systems provide fast, straightforward, and stress-free solutions to damaged pipes and root infiltration, and can also be used to easily close off disconnected joints in the pipe system as well as connections that are no longer needed.

Here at M. Tucker & Sons we have more than 30 years of experience in the local industry and are proud to be a sought-after name for large council jobs and projects for small businesses alike. We only use the best and most dependable products, ensuring our customers can enjoy noticeable and lasting results, as well as long-term value for money.

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That is why we use Smart Lock systems, with their durable stainless-steel sleeves and high-quality silicate and fibreglass resin making them the right choice for any pipe repair job. It takes just three simple and easy steps to install a Smart Lock sleeve, allowing our team to service more customers at more job sites in a shorter period.

For more information on the benefits of a Smart Lock pipe repair service, simply give us a call on 03 9736 3439.

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