CCTV Inspection and Condition Assessment

CCTV Inspection

Although CCTV condition assessment is common for assessment of sewerage and stormwater assets, it is not limited to these systems. CCTV crawlers are able to inspect any form of conduit or cavity that is unreachable or too dangerous to inspect by personnel.

  • Our CCTV systems are capable of surveys up to 300m in pipes from 150mm up to 1800mm in diameter.
  • Our operators are WSAA accredited.
  • We provide the mp4 footage of the CCTV stormwater inspection in a USB stick.
  • All Surveys are completed in WinCan Format. PDF documents can generally be emailed to the client from site.
  • The CCTV vehicles are also equipped with confined space equipment for walk-through or deep pit investigations.

Delivery of Reports

Upon completion of condition assessment or survey, all data is generally stored to a USB stick. All projects compiled on our USBs contain:

WinCan 8 Reports (PDF)

WinCan Viewer freeware (only viewable on Windows).

Project file including raw videos of each pipe section and individual pictures of defects recorded.

An overall map for reference of asset identification numbers in conjunction with condition assessment completed.

Post CCTV Assessments

We are able to provide a service to assess your CCTV report and advise you on repairs whether it be civil or trenchless. M. Tucker & Sons can provide you with advice that will get your drain back in shape or accepted by your authority for post construction approval.

WSAA Approval

All of our operators are certified by the Water Services Association of Australia.

Vertical Inspection

Tucker & Sons’ CCTV systems are capable of eliminating the crawler and coupling the 360-degree pan and tilt, 10x zoom camera head to the end of the 200m long camera cable. The setup is very useful for inspection of pits, manholes or bore shafts. WinCan reports can be generated for manhole inspection condition assessment just as pipes can be graded for serviceability defects or structural defects.

Cctv Pipeimg

CCTV Pipe Inspection&lt

Here at M. Tucker & Sons we only work with tried and tested tools and equipment, allowing us to provide a comprehensive and reliable service to all customers. That is why we use the latest in CCTV technology.

Our CCTV pipe inspection services are fast, hassle-free, and accurate, providing our team with a close look at the problem that is plaguing your pipes. This process also allows our qualified and sought-after team to advise customers on the best course of action for dealing with the problem at hand, leaving them with lasting results and unbeatable value for money.

For more information on our available sewer line inspections, and CCTV drain inspection services, make sure you get in touch with our team today.

CCTV Pipe Inspection Melbourne

When it comes to tried and tested services in CCTV pipe inspections, Melbourne customers know they can turn to the team here at M. Tucker & Sons.

For more than 30 years we have been a go-to name in the local areas for all drainage services and solutions, working on large council projects, as well as jobs for small businesses. Our CCTV inspection services are just one part of our industry leading solutions in pipeline rehabilitation, with all works tailored to meet the demands of the job at hand.

Once we have carried out our CCTV inspection, we can analyse the footage for a comprehensive pipeline condition assessment. We often undertake this service for new constructions in order to prove all pipeline systems meet the relevant council standards and are eligible to receive council approval.

You may also request a detailed condition assessment where pipes have become blocked or damaged over time. In this case our report would include recommendations on the best solutions to any issues we have identified.

The resulting report may suggest drain cleaning and debris removal or pipe repair. We offer a range of trenchless pipe repair and cleaning solutions, carrying out all work in the manner that best suits the particular situation.

If you choose to carry out drain cleaning or pipeline repairs with the M. Tucker & Sons team, then all work will be followed up with a further CCTV inspection and pipeline assessment report, recording and detailing the remedial measures that we have taken.

To secure an obligation free quote simply pick up the phone and call the M. Tucker & Sons team today on 03 9736 3439.

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