Intelligent Trenchless Technology

QUICKLOCK is a German-engineered, compression-based trenchless repair system for rehabilitating existing Sewer & Stormwater pipelines.

QUICKLOCK has been installed over 50,000 times throughout Europe since its development in 1999, it has recently entered the US market; and now QUICKLOCK Australia have established AQTF training & sought industry appraisal to provide the local market access to this premium trenchless product.

Installs quickly, locks permanently.

A flexible, structurally sound repair system with minimal prep, minimal labour and minimal risks.

Quick Lock Standard

QUICKLOCK system is manufactured from self-locking V4A stainless steel sleeves & seamless EDPM rubber gaskets, and is capable of repairing many common defects found in pipes sized between 150 DN – 800 DN

Quick Lock Big

For the rehabilitation of walkable pipe systems, the Quick-Lock BIG system was developed as a divisible sleeve.The proven compression principle and the materials V4A and EPDM also form the basis of the Quick-Lock BIG system. The divisible sleeve can be inserted without any problems into the pipe system via the access opening provided. At the damage site the system can be widened with the Quick-Lock BIG clamping tool in a few minutes.

End Liner Sleeve

The newly developed Quick-Lock liner end sleeve is a system for connecting hose liners to pipes and structures. The ring space between the liner and the old pipe is permanently sealed and the liner end is protected against mechanical influences of the high pressure cleaning.

  • Simple offset procedure
  • Durable materials
  • Approved according to building legislation
  • Leak-tight and high pressure rinsing resistant – IKT tested (DN 150 – DN 600)
  • Compensation of shrinkage behaviour of GRP inliners

Official Installation Partner

Since its development, the QUICKLOCK system has only been installed only by trained, certified operators. This recording has been provided by a certified installer based in Victoria. M. Tucker & Sons is currently the main installation partner in Australia and New Zealand.


In 1999, UHRIG Canal Engineering GmbH developed QUICKLOCK, the only partial, infinitely variable rehabilitation system working on the basis of compression. Through years of consultation with their trained, certified installation partners, UHRIG has matured the QUICKLOCK system into a highly efficient, intelligent trenchless solution

QUICKLOCK Product Range

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