Service Truck 1

Civil Construction and Repairs

Our fully equipped service trucks are ready and capable for all aspects of Sewer and Stormwater.

•    Confined space entry
•    Pit alterations and upgrades
•    Pit construction and re-construction
•    Over land flow drains
•    Pipe installation and renovation
•    Pipe repair
•    Dropped pipes
•    Side entry pits
•    Storm-water maintenance
•    Box culverts
•    Entry and exit structures
•    Problem solving
•    Road and driveway culverts

Traffic Management

Before starting any construction or repair we take the necessary measures in regards with traffic control management. We make sure that the traffic will flow properly and everyone will be able to reach their destinations.

Cost Reporting

We can deliver a detailed report on the costs involved with any job we do.

Final Inspections

We are able to provide further monitoring and inspections to ensure the optimal functionality of the repairs or constructions made.

Reporting and Cost Control

During the construction process, we will provide up-to-date information with respect to changes that have occurred.

Info and Services Brochure

An overview of our services from Civil Construction and Repairs, CCTV Services, Trenchless Repairs to Drain Cleaning among others.