Yarra River Backflow prevention.


A Yarra Valley farmer in Yarra Ranges Council was being flooded every season by the rise of the Yarra River in heavy rain events through a pipe an open drainage system in a low lying paddock servicing expensive stock, constantly being inconvened by the swelling river Yarra Ranges Council and Melbourne Water Worked together to engage M.Tucker and Sons to provide the solution.


M.Tucker and Sons upgraded a 20m section of 525mm and fitted an appropriate head wall structure, with rock beaching at the inlet to stabilise the area in a location suitable to install a Backflow prevention device. M.Tucker and Sons sourced the Backflow prevention device “wa stop” by Swedish company Wapro, distributed by Highhrade products Australia. 


He device was fitted in the inlet of the new head wall and secured in place with stainless steel concrete fixings.

The devices uses a EPDM rubber cone to operate and has no parts to rust, break in storm situations, or cease after periods of time with out maintance.

The the job was a success with the overal conclusion – one happy farmer!

wastop stainless steel check valve