Sewerage pump station renewal in difficult location.

Bayside city councils plumbing maintenance contractor was faced with an issue inside the council chambers courtyard in Sandringham. The buildings sewerage pumpwell had deteriorated to a point that it was leaking and also causing rubble to damage its twin pump system causing poor performance and surcharge. MTS was engaged by the councils maintenance contractor Campeyn to facilitate the renewal of the 3m deep well.

Problems faced:

  • Limited access due to an access hall way joining two buildings together 
  • Limited equipment access due to decking and building layout 
  • Pre cast concrete was not an option due to access restrictions 


  • Altered size of well to achieve spec requirements but fit access restrictions to facilitate installation.
  • Sourced a GRP well to suit and allow light weight equipment to be used 
  • All preliminary excavations were completed with NDD 55m from truck, this maximised efficiency and reduced mess from transport of spoil through the delicate court yard and hall way.

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